Calculate Your Home Loan Eligibility with 32 Banks

Before you want your loan to be sanctioned, there are many eligibility criteria, which needs to be fulfilled. Factors like loan amount, past repayment record, borrower’s earning capacity and cost of the property that you’re planning to buy need to be consider while finding the loan eligible amount.

Borrower should have a stable income and must have attained 21 year of age and there are also many factors, which can result into obstacle for you in getting the desire loan amount. So, it is also very important for you to know in advance the eligible loan amount with the help of Home loan Eligibility Calculator.

Factors need to be consider while finding the Eligible Loan Amount:

Eligibility criteria vary from lender to lender in terms of interest rate, loan amount and tenure. Lenders allow loan amount up to 80% of agreement cost of the property or 90% in case the loan amount is less than 20 lacs. Lender will consider your ability to repay the loan amount. Hence, your monthly income also has importance while finding the loan eligibility amount. Some lender also consider around 45% to 50% of the borrower’s net income is available to serve loan EMI’s.



Tenure also plays a crucial role while finding the loan eligible amount. The younger you are, higher will be the tenure and the loan amount. But borrower should also keep in mind; that increase in tenure will also result into higher interest amount paid within the tenure. Borrower can also increase the loan amount eligibility by allowing the family members as co-applicant, clearing all previous debt and increasing the tenure etc.


Past loan repayment

Borrower should check his credit history with help of CIBIL. Any default in the previous loan can create problems for the borrower because lender will consider capacity to repay the loan before making any deal. Hence, the borrower should not default on any loan, EMI should be repaid on time, and if there is any financial problem then borrower should clarify with the lender.



Higher is the earning capacity of the borrower higher will be loan eligibility. Lender will consider earning capacity of borrower to repay the loan amount.


Interest rate

Borrower should research about the lower interest rate amongst the various lenders and select the one that satisfy your needs and wants.