Terms & Conditions

Loanraja Terms & Conditions

  • We do not provide any assurance of loan modification or prevention of foreclosure
  • We do not charge upfront fee unless the law firm is providing the services
  • LoanRaja neither advice nor offer customers to transfer or surrender any asset titles or personal belongings
  • We never ask users to make payment directly to any company or other third party
  • We encourage customers to take advices from their lender, lawyer, housing or credit counselor
  • LoanRaja is compelled with all government related laws of mortgage modification and foreclosure prevention services.

1. Terms of use
To the extent not otherwise provided therein, the content and documents available on Loanraja.in website may be stored, disseminated or reproduced. They may not, however, be altered or falsified. They may only be disseminated or reproduced if the source is clearly identified. Content and documents, on which Loanraja does not hold the copyright may only be stored, disseminated or reproduced with the consent of the respective copyright holder. To the extent third-party websites of commercial providers contain a hyperlink to Loanraja website; such website may not contain any other elements in the browser window.

2. Limitation of liability
Loanraja has compiled this website with utmost care and to the best of its ability endeavors to continuously supplement and update the information provided. Nevertheless, Loanraja makes no representation or warranty that the available content and documents are complete, correct or up to date. Only printed publications of Loanraja may be deemed official. Liability claims against Loanraja, its employees or those responsible for this website for tangible or intangible damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of this website are precluded to the extent they are not based on willful or grossly negligent conduct. The foregoing shall not affect Loanraja’s liability for damage arising from injury to life, limb or health based on a negligent breach of duty on the part of Loanraja or any willful or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of its employees or persons responsible for this website.

3. Third-party websites
To the extent this website contains hyperlinks to websites of third parties this does not constitute any endorsement of the content thereof. Loanraja has no control over the content or layout of third-party websites and as such assumes no responsibility for their content, particularly since it does not intend, nor is it able, to continually monitor and review the content of such third-party websites. Loanraja expressly disassociates itself from content considered contra bonus mores or that may in any way be linked with criminal or other liability. Loanraja is not liable for loss or damage arising from the use of content provided on third-party websites. Links to other websites are provided solely for the convenience of our users. Users accessing a link to any third-party website do so at their own risk.

4. Governing law and jurisdiction
Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Government of India. Place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Loanraja.

LoanRaja do not offer any lending services to the loan applicants. The details submitted by the loan seekers on Loanraja.in will get transferred to the particular lender (as selected by the applicant). We do not provide any type of loans directly to the borrower. Duration of the loan depend upon the documents provided by the loan applicant and it varies from lender to lender.